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Stan Zurkiewicz Updated: 2020-03-30
Stan Zurkiewicz, executive vice-president of DEKRA Group. [Provided to]

Stan Zurkiewicz, executive vice-president of DEKRA Group

Over the past four decades the Chinese economy has shown a remarkable level of resilience. The Chinese economy will rapidly bounce back and reassert its position as the growth engine of the global economy.

Multinationals which have been relying on China as the single supply source for key products or components are scrambling to re-configure their supply chains and add secondary supply sources either in other Asian countries or, in some cases, closer to home. However, China's world-beating infrastructure, highly developed supply chain, well-educated workforce and the sheer size of its domestic market make the country an indispensable element of the integrated global economic system. There is simply no substitute for China, and China will continue playing an absolutely central role in global supply chains.

Testing, certification and inspection is the fundamental backbone which allows trade and commerce to occur both domestically and internationally. We believe in the enormous long-term potential of the Chinese economy. Therefore, we intend to continue with our ambitious investment roadmap.

In the past, China responded to various events by accelerating market reforms and further opening up to the outside world. We believe after the immediate priority of containing the epidemic has been accomplished, China will embark on another wave of market reforms further improving the investment environment in the country.