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Frank Heinricht Updated: 2020-03-26
Frank Heinricht, chairman of the management board, SCHOTT AG. [Provided to]

Frank Heinricht, chairman of the management board, SCHOTT AG.

China has always come back strong when facing severe challenges, and we see the resilience of the Chinese people again this time. Just as the Chinese saying goes: "Not even wild fires can destroy the grass. They grow again with the breeze of spring." New drivers are emerging out of a special time. For example, when many people stayed at home this past Chinese New Year and worked from home after the holiday, the country saw a growing need for high-speed internet connections.

The launch of commercial 5G and other technologies will drive market growth beyond 2020, and China will be leading this growth. On top, China's pharmaceutical industry will also continue to grow, if not faster, due to the aging population but also because of an increased health awareness.

We are confident we will contribute in China's digitalization progress with our innovation solutions for 5G communication, AR and mobility, including EV and autonomous driving. Also, we will be part of growth for China's health sector, with high-quality solutions for pharmaceuticals and life sciences.