Ambassador says BRI helps Iraq rebuild |

Ambassador says BRI helps Iraq rebuild Updated: 2019-08-13

Ahmad Berwari, Iraqi Ambassador to China, spoke to China Daily website and China Arab TV recently on China’s development, the Belt and Road Initiative, project cooperation and cultural exchange.

Berwari extended his congratulations to the Chinese government and Chinese people on the country’s tremendous development in the past 40 years, for which he believes the reform and opening-up policy is the driving force.

The Belt and Road Initiative has brought a lot to Iraq, for instance it has enabled the country to rebuild its infrastructure, Berwari said. Iraq is in dire need of overseas support on money and technology, especially in the fields of oil, natural gas and power generation, he added.

According to Berwari, Iraq looks forward to the expansion and development of the BRI, which has benefited the country a lot economically and can help enhance cultural exchange.

Having good reputation, Chinese companies have been pioneering Iraq’s oil and gas field in the past three to four years, the Ambassador said. And about 50 percent of Iraq’s major electricity projects are constructed by Chinese companies, said Berwari.