Omani Ambassador: China's achievement an 'economic miracle' |

Omani Ambassador: China's achievement an 'economic miracle' Updated: 2019-08-08

Abdullah Saleh Al Saadi, Omani Ambassador to China, recently spoke to China Daily website and China Arab TV about China’s achievement, project cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative and bilateral cultural exchange.

Al Saadi complimented China for its achievement in past decades, which he attributed to the Chinese government putting effective plans into practice. "This is an economic miracle," he said.

Al Saadi considers China the most outstanding participant in the international arena and believes China's development is comprehensive and sustainable, benefiting all parts of the country.

Oman is one of the earliest supporters and a major beneficiary of the Belt and Road Initiative. "We have already benefited, especially in the central region where we set up a China-Oman Industrial Park," Al Saadi said. The industrial park, expected to be the second Dubai, was the first cooperation project between China and Oman under the BRI.

Being fully aware of the importance of the Chinese language, Oman has begun offering Chinese classes in schools and Confucius Institutes are soon to enter Oman's universities.