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Guilin High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Updated: 2019-07-09

Guilin High-Tech Industrial Development Zone was founded in May 1988 and upgraded to a national-level high-tech development zone in March 1991, the first national-level high-tech zone among China's five autonomous regions. It merged with the city's Qixing district in June 1997.

Located on the south bank of the Lijiang River, the zone focuses on three pillar industries of electronic information, biomedicine and modern services and three emerging industries of new materials, new energy and environmental protection. It aims to become an innovation-driven industrial park.

In recent years, the zone has made great efforts to build multiple zones including the Qixing old district, the Lidong science and technology city, the Huaqiao tourism area, the Huajiang ecological city, the Guimo high-tech industrial belt, the business and leisure belt on the inner ring road, the modern logistics wholesale belt on the outer ring road and the tourism eco-belt in the east bank of the Lijiang River.

From January to October in 2018, the number of its newly added market entities reached 6,672, an annual increase of 32.35 percent, with a registered assets of some 8.2 billion yuan, up 23.29 percent year-on-year.