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Beihai Integrated Free Trade Zone Updated: 2019-07-09

Guangxi Beihai Integrated Free Trade Zone, previously known as the Guangxi Beihai Export Processing Zone, was established on March 10, 2003 with the approval of the State Council. On Feb 11, 2018, the State Council approved merging the two zones together. The bonded zone began to operate on Jan 9.

Covering a planning area of 2.28 square kilometers, it consists of A zone and B zone. The 1.14-sq-km A zone in the western part of the city is near the Beihai port and some 5 kilometers from the Beihai railway station. The 1.14-sq-km B zone is located in the Tieshangang district, next to the Yutie expressway.

The zone features bonded processing and bonded logistics and ports, which perform functions such as product research and development, manufacturing, exhibitions of commercial goods, aftersales services, warehousing and logistics, distribution and delivery, international transfer and foreign trade.

Relying on its advanced transport system of high-speed railways, expressways and airports, the zone will strengthen its construction of land, port and air linkages. It has exerted great efforts to promote innovation and optimize its role in export processing, entrepot trade and bonded warehousing. The zone aims to become a key window for the city's opening-up to the outside world, with businesses covering international transfer, delivery, purchasing, entrepot trade, export processing and inspection.

In 2018, the gross industrial output value of the zone reached 7 billion yuan ($1.04 billion), with its import and export volume achieving some $1.2 billion yuan and import and export of processing trade surpassing $1.1 billion.