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Nomura Holdings sees opportunities in Shanghai and China

By Wang Zhenghua in Shanghai Updated: 2019-04-11
Toshiyasu Iiyama speaks at Nomura's Shanghai office on April 10. [Photo by Wang Zhenghua/]

Japanese brokerage Nomura Holdings Inc has identified an opportunity for growth amid China's rapid development and has set up a project team dedicated to establishing its newly approved joint venture in Shanghai.

Late last month, Nomura received approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission to establish Nomura Orient International Securities Co, in which it will hold a 51 percent stake.

"Nomura has great confidence in the development of Shanghai and China, which is why we registered our new China securities joint venture in Huangpu district in Shanghai. We are keen to deepen cooperation and exchange with the city," said Toshiyasu Iiyama, head of the China committee of Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited.

"We are confident that we can play a part in moving China's economy to the next level to help issuers raise funds and investors diversify their portfolios. And with the gradual opening-up of cross-border transactions and globalization of fund-raising by Chinese companies, coupled with increasing demand from foreign firms and investors to raise funds and invest in China, we believe we will be able to deliver solutions both domestically and internationally across an integrated platform."

Iiyama added that the changes taking place in Chinese society also presents the company with opportunities in the wealth management business.

"China has an aging population and declining birthrate, making it more important for people to build wealth and plan for their retirement. That means they will have to make a shift from savings to making more financial investments," he said.

"We are honored to receive this opportunity to set up a business in China that can help address these changes in society."

The Japanese securities company also plans to develop its product distribution channels and expand into the wholesale business.

"Another important aspect of the new company will be to act as a bridge between China and our Japanese clients, who are already very interested in how we can help them invest in China," Iiyama added.