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Invest in Jiangsu Updated: 2019-03-22


Located along the eastern coast of China, Jiangsu province adjoins Anhui and Shandong provinces in the west and north, with Yellow Sea to its east, Zhejiang province and the city of Shanghai as its neighbors in the southeast.

Jiangsu province covers an area of 107,200 square kilometers, approximately 1.06 percent of the total area of the country. The plain area of Jiangsu is 70,600 square km, and water surface area is 17,300 square km. The province has a coastline of 954 km.

Situated in a transition belt from a subtropical to temperate zone, the province has a typical monsoon climate. Generally, it is mild with moderate rainfall and clear distinction of the four seasons.

Jiangsu has abundant natural resources including water systems and wild animals. The region also enjoys the advantage of its rich and typical mineral resources such as non-ferrous metal, clay, building material and rare metal and special non-metal materials.



As one of the most prosperous provinces in China, Jiangsu ranked second in the country in terms of GDP last year. In 2018, Jiangsu's GDP reached 9.26 trillion yuan($1.32 trillion), up 6.7 percent year-on-year. 

Pillar Industries

With rich resources, geographic advantages, industrial bases, high-tech zones and opening-up policies, the province has many pillar industries including tourism, agriculture, science and technology service industry, manufacturing Industry and digital industries.

Tourism industry

Jiangsu has been a tourist paradise since the ancient times. Nanjing, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, Changshu, Xuzhou and Huai’an are famous historical and cultural cities. Sixteen cities in the province have been entitled Fine Tourist Cities in the country, including Nanjing, the capital of six dynasties, and Suzhou, the Paradise on Earth. There are three major tourist centers in Jiangsu, namely the Yangtze River Area, the Tai Lake Area and the Xuhuai (Xuzhou and Huai’an) Area. There are now 20 renowned scenic spots, 23 forest parks, six tourism and holiday resorts and 461 historical sites under state and provincial protection. Nine classical gardens in Suzhou are designated by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. In 2017, the tourism revenue of Jiangsu reached more than 1.16 trillion yuan, up 12.12 percent year-on-year, with a total of 747 million visitors, an increase of 9.6 percent year-on-year. 

Agriculture Industry

Jiangsu is renowned as “a land flowing with milk and honey”, which is endowed by an advantaged condition for agricultural production and has various kinds of crops, forests and livestock. Grains, cotton and oil-bearing crops are grown almost everywhere around the province. There are more than 260 types of fruit trees, tea plants, mulberry trees and flowers, over 80 categories and more than 1000 kinds of vegetables for planting. Pheasants and mallards are major kinds of the Aves in Jiangsu, but precious fowls such as red-crowned cranes, white cranes and swans can be seen along the coast.

Science and Technology Service Industry 

The development of the science and technology service industry in Jiangsu has maintained a good momentum. To date, the number of science and technology service organizations in Jiangsu province totaled 55,000, with 1.2 million employees. Last year, the total revenue of science and technology service industry reached 748.1 billion yuan, up by 14.6 percent.  At the same time, 16 featured demonstration areas for science and technology services were completed in Jiangsu, with 4.21 million R & D investment and testing sites. Last year, the registered number of technical contracts reached 37,348 with a turnover of 87.292 billion yuan, up by 15 percent year-on-year, ranking fifth in China.

Manufacturing Industry

The scale of the manufacturing industry of the province has maintained the first place in the country for eight consecutive years, and the growth rates from 2015 to 2017 exceeded the national average and outperformed Guangdong province and Zhejiang province. In 2017, the value-added of industries above a designated size exceeded 3.5 trillion yuan across the province, up by 7.5 percent year-on-year, accounting for 12.5 percent of the national total, and contributing about 50 percent to the economic growth of the province. The total profits exceeded 1 trillion yuan, which was the largest nationwide, accounting for 14 percent of the national total.

Digital Industries

The revenue from software and information service industry hit 923.0 billion yuan, while also taking the second place in the country. According to the news conference of China (Nanjing) International Software Product and Information Service Trade Fair(CIS Expo) held in Beijing on Aug 3, the optical cable line of Jiangsu province was the longest in the country. The Informatization Development Index registered 78.22 in the province, which was the national third and ranked the second among the provinces and autonomous regions. The size of digital economy reached 2.39 trillion yuan, ranking second in the country. 


Jiangsu plays a key role in the nation's economic and social development. As a promising region, Jiangsu is featured by a strong economy, wealthy people, beautiful environment and a high degree of social civilization in the new development period. The province has many advantages: 

First, Jiangsu has solid economic foundations with renowned enterprises and State-level high-tech development zones. According to the assessment of the comprehensive development level of state-level economic and technological development zones released by the Ministry of Commerce last year, Suzhou Industrial Park, Kunshan Development Zone, Jiangning Development Zone, and Nanjing Development Zone were among the top 10 in China. Thirty-three names of Jiangsu enterprise are spotted in the recently-released Chinese Top 500 Enterprises list by the Fortune magazine. All of the 33 enterprises have seen an annual turnover exceeding 10 billion yuan, while No 1 Suning and No 2 Grand Holding have witnessed over 100 yuan billion in annual revenue.

Second, Jiangsu provides collective administration and quality services for foreign capital to registration. Recently it launched a reform to deal with business registration and recording for establishing foreign-funded enterprises at “one-window".

Third, the Jiangsu provincial government has attached great importance to developing innovation-driven cities. Up to now, 11 cities in cumulative terms of the province has been authorized to develop national innovation-driven cities, which was the most in the country.

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