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Nanyang Wolong Comprehensive Bonded Zone Updated: 2019-02-28


Nanyang Wolong Comprehensive Bonded Zone [Photo/]

Approved by the State Council in November 2014, Nanyang Wolong Comprehensive Bonded Zone is the second of its kind in Henan province after Zhengzhou Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone. Occupying a planning area of 3.03 square kilometers, the zone is situated in the northern part of Nanyang opto-electronics industry cluster, with a construction area of 1.05 sq km of its first phase.

Centering on the opto-electronics industry, the zone has introduced a host of enterprises in the sector, including Foxconn Technology Group and Shijia Photoelectric Company. It also cultivates the electronic information and equipment manufacturing industries, striving to be a high-end open platform for Henan and a growth pole for the rise of Central China.

In 2017, a total of 21 enterprises have settled in the zone, 18 of which cover bonded logistics and three involved in processing. In the first half of 2018, the zone witnessed a sharp increase in its import and export trade, with the volume hitting 300 million yuan ($44.3 million).