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Dongli Economic Development Area Updated: 2019-02-18

Approved by the Tianjin municipal government, Dongli Economic Development Area was established in June 1992 as one of major facilities to open up the city's economy to the outside world. In 2014, the park was upgraded into State-level, covering an area of about 7.2 square kilometers.

With strategic geographic importance, the park links the downtown and the Tianjin Port. Since its establishment, the park has attracted investment from more than 150 companies in over 20 countries and regions such asJapan,South Korea,CanadaandFrance. It currently has industrial clusters of auto parts and information technology-related components.

The park is also responsible for the development and management of Dongli Aviation Industrial Zone, which includes industries such as aerospace, aviation, IT, automobile, precision instrument, equipment manufacturing and biopharmaceuticals.