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Zhenjiang Hi-tech Development Zone

govt.chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2019-01-29

Zhenjiang Hi-tech Development Zone, whose predecessor was Zhenjiang Runzhou Industrial Park, was set up in May 2006 and upgraded to national-level with the approval of the State Council in October 2014.

Currently the zone has several municipal-level key industrial parks, such as the supporting park for shipping and maritime work and Zhenjiang intellectual city. Leading industries in the park are as diverse as shipping and maritime work equipment, semiconductors and communications, the digital creative sector, and high-tech and modern services.

Zhenjiang Hi-tech Development Zone has contributed greatly to the development of Zhenjiang's hi-tech industries. In 2017, the city's industrial output of hi-tech industries reached 364.46 billion yuan ($53.83 billion), accounting for 49.3 percent of the industrial output of industries above designated scales, ranking the first in Jiangsu province.