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Songjiang Export Processing Zone Updated: 2019-01-18



Songjiang Export Processing Zone, part of Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, consists of A and B sections, which were set up under approval from the State Council in April 2000 and March 2004, respectively. 

Section A covers an area of 2.98 square kilometers and focuses on the electronic information industry. Section B is of the same size, but specializes in integrated circuit and bonded logistics industries.

To date, the export processing zone is home to 135 enterprises, 85 of which are foreign invested ones, with overseas capital totaling $2.45 billion.

In 2016, the import-export volume reached $28.94 billion. The cross-border e-commerce sector delivered a total of 10.22 million orders. Goods worth 470 million yuan ($68.15 million) were shipped out, contributing to a tax revenue of 70.28 million yuan.

From January to August, 2018, the zone showcased the spirit of "Songjiang Speed", with its industrial output reaching 91 billion yuan, import-export volume totaling $18.3 billion and customs revenue counting 1.61 billion yuan.