Industrial internet proposed to assist Zhuhai industry |

Industrial internet proposed to assist Zhuhai industry Updated: 2018-08-17

The Zhuhai Science, Technology, Industry & Information Technology Bureau has released an Implementation Plan (2018-20) to create an industrial internet system to foster 10 or more applications enterprises, establish a demonstration platform, and facilitate advanced manufacturing.

The system integrates the internet and industrial operations with the power of new-generation information technology.

By adopting new internet technology and new models, more than 500 Zhuhai industrial enterprises are expected to make headway in digital, network, and intellectual upgrades.

Another objective is to encourage 10,000 small- and medium-sized businesses to use industrial cloud platforms, which will lower IT costs and raise production efficiency. Guangdong Province announced a plan on July 3 advocating that practice.

Specifically, backbone enterprises in home appliances, electronic information, advanced equipment, printing consumables, biomedicine, petrochemical, and other pillar industries will be helped to build cloud platforms. The aim is to couple internal resources, optimize production and management, and share integrated data.

In addition, a string of supportive policies will strengthen financial aid and draw social capital into the sector. Additional incentives are expected from various jurisdictions in the near future.