Pingxing Economic and Technological Development Zone |

Pingxing Economic and Technological Development Zone Updated: 2019-07-08

Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in 1992 and was upgraded to a national economic and technological development zone in 2010.

After more than 20 years of development, the zone’s infrastructure has been improved, and facilities for water, electricity, roads, gas, and communications have been completed. Major urban infrastructure such as a financial and business district, an Olympic sports center, an ecological park and a cultural square are under construction. Facilities for education, culture, recreation and sanitation in the zone have been improved.

The zone has built three leading industries: electronic information and intelligent manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and food, and new materials, which form a distinct industrial cluster with regional characteristics and are becoming a recycling transformation zone supported by the country. The zone has 13 provincial-level technology centers for companies, 13 provincial-level engineering centers, 35 national high-tech companies and 16 provincial high-tech small and medium enterprises.