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Ganjiang New Area Updated: 2019-07-08

The State Council agreed to set up the Ganjiang New Area on June 6, 2016. It has a planning area of 465 square kilometers and its GDP was 58.23 billion yuan ($8.62 billion)in 2016.

The zone is an important juncture of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Several railways such as the Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway pass through the area. The Beijing-Kowloon High-Speed Railway is being promoted, together with railways and expressways that are open to traffic and the Changbei Airport will form a modern and comprehensive transportation network.

The new area has several industrial parks such as the national-level Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone.It boasts competitive sectors of photoelectricity information, biomedicine, intelligent equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, organosilicone and modern light textile.

The new area and its nearby regions are home to three fifths of scientific research institutes in Jiangxi province, two thirds of universities and colleges in the province and more than 70 percent of Jiangxi’s scientific researchers.

The area aims to have its GDP reach 100 billion yuan ($14.8 billion) in 2020 and main industrial business income reach 400 billion yuan, both doubling the amount in 2015. It plans to increase GDP to 200 billion yuan in 2025 and become an important engine for the province’s development.