Argentinian ambassador: Chinese market 'more dynamic' than any other |

Argentinian ambassador: Chinese market 'more dynamic' than any other Updated: 2019-06-26

Diego Ramiro Guelar, Ambassador of Argentina to China, talked recently with China Daily about China’s development, trade cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Guelar thinks highly of China’s achievements in the past decades, especially in the last 20 years. China now has become a major partner of over 130 countries in the world, including Argentina, he said.

He noted that China has taken the lead in many areas, such as 5G, railway engineering, artificial intelligence and e-commerce. Argentina cooperates with China’s e-commerce platforms and has also developed distribution centers in some Chinese cities. By these efforts, Argentinean products can be delivered to local consumers within a day, or two days at most. “It is amazing,” the ambassador said.

“This market is the more dynamic market than you can find in any place in the world,” he added.

Guelar considers the Belt and Road Initiative to be extraordinary. He expressed his expectations on the two countries’ further cooperation under the BRI framework in tourism, trade and investment, noting that in the last three years the number of Chinese tourists to Argentina has tripled.