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Hohhot Economic &Technological Development Area

Updated: 2018-12-12


Initially founded in 1992, Inner Mongolia’s Hohhot Economic & Technological Development Area was approved as a national-level development zone by the State Council in July 2000. With a population of 120,000, the zone covers 40 square kilometers and will expand to 240 sq km in the future.

It is composed of seven parts – Shaerqin, Ruyi and Jinchuan industrial parks, Hohhot National Export Processing Zone, Baita Airport Logistics Park, a national pioneer park for overseas students (national incubator of S&T companies), as well as the Shaerqin town.

In the first half of 2018, total industrial output reached 13.7 billion yuan ($1.98 billion) in the zone with fixed asset investment of 3.6 billion yuan, an increase of 2.16 percent and 48.69 percent respectively. And 25 major projects with total investment of 49.7 billion yuan were in the works to start operating in the zone in 2018.