French businesses successfully apply for China certificate online |

French businesses successfully apply for China certificate online

By ZHENG CAIXIONG in Guangzhou Updated: 2019-09-27

Two French businessmen were granted an electronic certificate of business by Dongguan Administration for Market Regulation in Paris on Wednesday morning.

They received their electronic business license through an online platform called Yinzhengtong, after having applied for the license online earlier this month, Nanfang Daily reported.

Guangdong, the heart of China's reform and opening up, has become the first province in the mainland to have opened online services for foreign business people to apply for business licenses and follow related procedures.

Yinzhengtong has offered smooth access to government department services. It was jointly introduced by Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation, Paris Branch of Bank of China and Guangdong Branch of Bank of China, with an aim of further simplifying the procedures for business people from foreign countries to do business in the southern Chinese province, one of the country's economic powerhouses.

Granting electronic business certificates to the two French business, the first two in Europe, indicates that business people from Europe can now officially apply for the province's business licenses via online services in their European home countries.

Promoting Yinzhengtong to the countries and regions related to the country's Belt and Road Initiatives will be an important step in the following months, the newspaper said.

By providing a complete set of services for foreign business people, it is thought that Yinzhengtong will help further improve Guangdong's investment climate and attract more foreign investors and business representatives to do business in the province in the months to come.