Belarusian Ambassador: China is 'expanding' its market |

Belarusian Ambassador: China is 'expanding' its market Updated: 2019-07-03

Rudy Kiryl, Belarusian Ambassador to China, shared with China Daily website his views on the two sides' mutually beneficial cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The ambassador wants to export more milk and meat to China. As one of the few countries that have all the necessary permissions to export to China, he considers that Belarus has competitive advantages. And the China-Europe freight trains go through Belarus, making the cargo transportation time between the two countries as short as seven days.

Talking about China’s efforts on opening its markets, Kiryl said, “it’s not opening the door, it’s expanding the door.”

The biggest challenge he faces as ambassador is that China is changing rapidly, which calls for the countries cooperating with China, such as Belarus, to be more adaptive.

A China-Belarus Industrial Park has been built by the two sides under the BRI framework, which is the biggest park in Belarus, and also the biggest park China has ever established abroad. In 2018, 38 companies have settled in the park, with an investment worth about $ 1 billion.